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"Maintaining my body shape, working on troubled areas that are resistant to diet and exercise, I love going to Santa Barbara Body Contouring as Beth has amazing knowledge in her industry.  I wanted to work on my love handles that running 25 miles a week doesn't remove.  I initially met Beth through The Genius of Flexibility as I was experiencing tight hamstrings, and she is a Trainer there and was able to assist me with Resistance Flexibility, removing scar tissue and dense fascia from my hamstrings which allows me to move more freely in my body without any pain.  Beth is very friendly and listened to my concerns on the areas that my body needed additional work.  I would highly recommend Santa Barbara Body Contouring as Beth is very professional and the environment is very comfortable."  

~ Steven P. 

"I was noticing some areas that needed 'slimming' and happened to read about LED Light Therapy.  As opposed to something more invasive, I decided to give it a try.  I am at six sessions and am glad to say, I lost 7.8 inches overall.  The bonus...I have never had a strong jawline but, the contouring has helped solve that as well.  If you are looking to lose inches, your skin to glow or help with any inflammation you may have, I highly recommend Santa Barbara Body Contouring.  The beautiful owner, Beth, puts you instantly at ease in her comfortable, zen space.  The Body Contouring is relaxing and it completely exceeded my expectations!"  

~ Love, Sharon B.  

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Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Testimonials From Our Clientele:

"Super easy, I just laid down and relaxed for half an hour while the machine did its thing. My first time I lost a total of 2 inches."

  ~ Female Client, age 28

Video Testimonials:

Real Testimonials From Real People 

"I never thought I would lose my love handles, but Contour Light changed that for me.  Try it, you will be glad you did!"

~ Laura Wallace